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February 11, 2013

One mistake to avoid in your pursuit of happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

We try and wait to receive it in relationships, work and leisure. But, generally, we’re searching. We’re wandering in an ocean of ideas, experiencing them one by one and trying to discover some permanent source of happiness.

The silliest mistake one can make in pursuit of any goal is not knowing what the goal is and indefinitely searching for something to hit upon and achieve something worthwhile.

And this very mistake is what we repeat in our pursuit of happiness. We never define what happiness means to us. Or if we take a chance to define, often we confuse it with celebrities, popular personalities, the stuff they do, and constantly feel driven by the void between our lives and theirs.

So, how to not make this mistake? How to define happiness? You probably might have seen people in slums sharing happiness. So, happiness isn’t about money, definitely! But, of course, there’s something so good about money that can help you better experience your choices and definitions of happiness.

Define happiness according to your circumstances because the definition never remains constant. No matter how dumb situations you’re into, if you constantly keep defining it for every situation and decision point you face, you’ll realize that eventually, you’ll have a more positive and progressive outlook towards stuff you’d feel happy about.

So, if you’re in a rock-n-roll party, try to figure out what your meaning of happiness is when you enter. If you think dancing and shouting makes you happy, do it. If you think partying is not your thing, leave it and go somewhere you might feel a little more self-convincing and happy.

But, for God’s sake, don’t hate the party and at the same time deceive yourself for not leaving that place! Reach a decision for the sake of your happiness.

The key is to keep the definition updated! Every moment, in every situation, take a mindful decision to define your happiness, because people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Illustration by Rigor Mortisque via Flickr