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February 15, 2013

A mindfulness meditation for healing yourself

Mindfulness Meditation Healing

Meditations can become tiring if you keep practicing the same process each day. It could be much better if you could learn a few different types of meditations and alternate the sequence. Playing the same guided meditations again and again each day might make you want to search for something more, even though you know that eventually, meditation is about channelizing your energy onto any one aspect of your life and energizing that segment.

When you sit down to meditate, simply become aware and mindful about your body. Observe your breathes. Observe the flow of your thoughts, the feeling of each and every part of your body. If you’ve never done this before, you might realize that a lot many of your organs are stressed. You’ll be able to notice the pain you’ve been ignoring for years!

Observe each and every part of your body. Observe one organ at a time. Take relaxed deep breathes and as you notice the organs, mentally repeat this magical work “relax”. Your body is eagerly waiting for you to take control and when you say, it will listen to you.

Relax each and every part of your body.

Now, sit there silently for some time. Let your brain accumulate itself. Then slowly, your body feels completely released and relaxed, start observing each and every organ of your body again. Now, say “I love you!” to each and every organ you focus upon. Genuinely feel the love and happiness for that organ.

Thank your lever, your hands, your heart, your lungs, your legs and face for functioning perfectly, for helping you tirelessly achieve your goals. Thanks them. Tell how much you love them. Ever cell of your body is listening to your words. Just 15 minutes of this meditation each week will help you release lots of negative vibrations from your body and promote healing.

Illustration by Cesar Harada via Flickr