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February 4, 2013

How to build a magnetic personality

How to have a magnetic personality

When I was in my early teens, I found myself absolutely concerned about myself and how I couldn’t bring in new connections easily. I was an introvert and there seemed no way I could turn myself into a communication superhero any sooner. I strived to have a magnetic personality, just like my friends had. I wanted to somehow learn to bring in new relationships effortlessly.

And for generations, people have tried to figure out the unique characteristic of people that can be attributed for their magnetic personalities. From Dale Carnegie to Napoleon Hill, everyone tried their minds on discovering the sheer simplicity and skills of people we are drawn to!

But, have you seen a dog lately? Well, a dog knows far more about having a magnetic personality than most people do. They almost jump out of their skins to greet at the very sight of you, and then we can’t do anything but love them for being what they are!

Our actions speak louder than words. You’ve been gifted a face that can express. Your words are mere secondary tools you use to explain the reason behind you expressions. Learn to express your emotions. Smile. Give a big smile when you meet people.

What most people though fail at is not about expression, but at the way they attend to the people they want to attract. Everyone has something to say. In fact, everyone is searching for that special someone who would listen to them for hours and understand their deepest emotions and pay sympathy to them.

If you want to cultivate a magnetic personality, become a great conversationalist, become an attentive listener. Be genuinely interested in people and show them how you have the power to solve their troubles.

Talk about their interests and the ideals they cherish. Make genuine connection using your knowledge and how you can use it to improve their lives. Talk in terms of their interest and make them feel important, and do it sincerely.

Last Take? Wear a welcoming smile. Be genuinely interested in people. Listen.