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February 3, 2013

A Blueprint for Change

Be the Change You Wish to See in the world

A legend once said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The world follows him, his legacy, and his ideals decades after he is gone. But most people complain and demand for change. They think the responsibility of change lies in others’ hands. And when we complain, we give away a part of ourselves to them, and their injustice.

But, change begins with ourselves. If we want to change our lives, lives of people we surround ourselves with and those we care about, we’ll need to create transformations in our own lives.

1. Be Happy – Say it or not, happiness is the most prominent quest of our lives. Be happy because unless you’re happy and lovable, you won’t be able to make others any happier. Stop waiting for people, or their permission to be happy.

2. Be Nice – Respect. Care. Love. Commit. Forgive. There could be thousands of moments in your live when you lost control and have been feeling guilty about them all your life. Be nice, to yourself and others. Forgive yourself and stop living in the past or abrupt future. Stop trying to change people. Stop resenting and nagging. Play more. Stop taking relationships for granted.

3. Be a Leader – The times are never going to be easy. We need a leader. We need someone who’s responsible for our lives. We need someone who can make us feel safe, confident and someone who can motivate us to accomplish thinks that makes our lives better. Can you be that leader?

4. Be a Lifelong Learner – There’s nothing bad than someone who was successful somewhere in the past and is screwed up right now. Be a lifelong learner. Live, not just survive.

5. Be Healthy – Hey, you know what I feel for people who don’t care for their health? They’re ruining the lives of their family, as much as they’re ruining theirs. By not committing yourself to be healthy, you’re building up some unknown disease inside your body that your family will have to take care of someday. If you can’t do anything else, stop eating junk at least.

Do it for yourself, your people, your family, friends and everyone you want to improve upon. If we want a world that’s happy, nice, healthy, and moving forward, we’ll need to cultivate the change inside ourselves right now, because again, every change you want to see in the world, start with yourself.

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