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January 12, 2013

Why optimistic people win, and how to be one?

How to be Optimistic

Optimistic people are rare to find these days. Hell, I’ve suffered lack of optimism for years. And when you are not aligned to receive positive results, you receive negative ones. No matter what you’re doing right now, if you’re not optimistic about the results, you’re somehow building a negative thought pattern that will cut your chances of winning.

You can’t replace optimism with intelligence though. Even the smartest students in college might be pessimists. The problem with pessimists is that they become lazy, their minds turn numb in contradicting situation and they give up.

If just one more step needs to be taken, an optimist would take that step while the pessimist would resist, quit and lose. You see, if you want to be a winner, you go to believe in “once more, baby” every time you hit a dead end.

So, how to become optimistic, you ask? How to believe in taking chances and expect positive outcomes? Learn these 3 principles of habitual winning and you’ll never be prompted to give up or quit at the wrong times.

1. Stop learning Helplessness - According to an experiment by Psychologist Martin Seligman, when you are exposed to circumstances where you are helpless, you learn it and apply the same learned experience in your future experience, even when you've enough resources and help.

2. Take action to revive yourself from depression - Most of us are not motivation machines. We only receive them. You've a brain that keep analysing stuff. So, there’ll be situation where you’ll be demotivated, as a result of which, temporarily your sensors will take refuge into pessimistic ideologies and thinking and make you feel depressed.

You've to take conscious action to revive yourself and stop feeling depressed. You’re most optimistic when your mind is involved into something you’re passionate about. Technically, your energies are in alignment with your work. Take action upon those alignments and you’ll be more optimistic, and more open to achievements.

3. Continuously seek for positive evidences - When situations sound hopeless, you've two ways out. Either you’ll give up without any further action or you’ll take action. Best optimism happens when you seek evidences of positive outcomes in similar situations, out of all odds happening around.

But, most of the times, after we age and what we’ve become, we adopt to ourselves. We find it hard to overgrow our own ideals. There’s nothing wrong, if you’re not completely optimistic, but they’re the ones who are able to grab the opportunities, that rarely knock doors. Photo by Almond Dhukka via Flickr