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January 13, 2013

3 common attributes of highly interesting people

Steve Jobs - Meditating

When I was in my early teens, I had a quest. I wanted to be interesting. I wanted someone to discover my potential, respect my ideals and understand things I’m passionate about. Behind everything we do, behind everything we desire and every interaction we make, it is our quest to be interesting.

You know, being interesting makes us happy and fulfilled.

But blindly, we never understand the real secret of being interesting. We following celebrities, public figures and such, praising their adorable personalities but we personally never try to figure out the secret qualities of interesting people.

I used to find Thomas Alva Edison interesting. I used to read all about him, his stories to memoirs and everything I could find about him anywhere. And that’s exactly what we are taught in high school - to praise the interesting.

Then just two years ago, I came across a movie - The Prestige. Yes, call me dumb. That was the first time ever I heard of Nikola Tesla. I thought he was some fictional character created to support the story but I just wanted to know more and googled his name.

Surprize. I witnessed one of the most unknown, forgotten and hidden genius. After I read about Tesla, I wondered what had I been doing all these years reading about Edison? If you don’t know this, there was a shocking rivalry between Edison and Tesla.

To me, both of them have had an interesting past and present. But, what made Edison interesting in his time and what makes Tesla interesting almost a century after his death?

1. Interesting people are dedicated - I love this quality of successful people. They find something they’re passionate about and get obsessed about their passion. They stick to their opinions and strive to prove them right, even if it costs them a celebrated rivalry and opposition.

2. Interesting people have utter control over their minds - From Steve Jobs to Julia Roberts, they figured out much early in their lives that mind is not something that analyses. It analyses based on the control you hold on your intake of subconscious notifications. (The pic above is Steve Jobs meditating)

3. Interesting people care more than everyone else - If you want to be interesting, start taking interest. Start caring for your work, your relationships, the way you dress up, the way you walk, your health. And caring for everything starts by not ignoring, not giving up.

If you don’t take control, someone else will.